• Published: Mar 16th, 2016
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SXSW Baby Interview: Virtual Physicians

Ewan talks to Leslie Saxon and Todd Richmond about Virtual Physicians:

In the not-too-distant healthcare future, “virtually cloned” physicians will operate in AI-enabled, mixed reality clinics that offer 24/7 access and consultation. Aided by IoT-enabled wearable devices, implantable and ingestible sensors, virtually cloned physicians will collect on-demand diagnostic data to fuel proactive, seamless patient care extending beyond the walls of clinics, labs and hospitals. This will enable doctors to extend their expertise anywhere, to anyone, at any time, eliminating global healthcare access barriers and quality of care. Join us to explore the revolutionary role virtual humans may play in your healthcare future! Part of the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series.

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  • Published: Mar 18th, 2015
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SXSW Baby Podcast: Hugh Herr’s Extreme Bionics

Ewan interviews Hugh Herr, speaking as part of the IEEE Future of Identity series, on his research and development around ‘Extreme Bionics.’

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