• Published: Mar 17th, 2016
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SXSW Baby Interview: I Am Not Your Guru

Ewan talks to Director Joe Berlinger, and subject Tony Robbins from ‘I Am Not Your Guru’.

Joe Berlinger’s twelfth feature documentary, captures internationally renowned life and business strategist and best-selling author, Tony Robbins, in a revelatory cinéma vérité film that goes behind the scenes of his mega once-a-year seminar “Date With Destiny,” attended by over 2,500 people, to give an insider look at how one man can affect millions. Granted never before seen access, this film is an emotional tour de force, pulling back the curtain on Tony Robbins and unveiling the inner-workings of this life-altering and controversial event, the zealous participants and the man himself.

More on ‘I Am Not Your Guru’ at SXSW.com.

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